About Us

We are a team of experts in digital marketing, BI, Salesforce, SAP and data scientists, united around the same passion: data engineering.

A trusted partner for your digital transformation projects

Subsidiary of the Growth Supply group, Asking offers a digital transformation approach rooted in the collective power of diversified IT expertise.

Growth Supply
Growth Supply, our parent company is born

Growth Supply offers innovative solutions linked to the structuring and financing of clean energy and digital transformation projects for B2B customers in France and Europe

Growth Supply expands to Africa

Growth Supply (GS) expands into clean energy projects and advises key clients in Burundi & Rwanda.

GS introduces Solar kits for home and productive use in Burundi and impacts over 37,000 people (especially women) between 2021 and 2023.

Strategic shift
Growth Supply launches Asking

To continue its expansion with sustainability in mind, Growth Supply makes a strategic shift. It separates its clean energy and digital transformation activities into independent subsidiaries.

Asking is born with offices in France and Canada. The new subsidiary handles GS' digital transformation portfolio.

Growth Energy
Growth Energy is born

Growth Energy is created to execute and implement clean energy projects and oversee projects development ongoing on solar projects in Nigeria, Burundi, DRC, Ivory Coast, and Zanzibar.

Technical Excellence

Our consultants are guided and supported by experienced technical directors. A guarantee that the solutions we implement meet your requirements and deliver tangible results to your clients.

International Talent Pool

Our ability to recruit and retain exceptional talent enables us to quickly assemble a project team that brings a wealth of knowledge to each of your projects.

Commercial Expertise

With a combined experience of over 30 years, our consultants bring unique business perspectives and proven expertise in successful digital transformations.

Clients & Partners

We work with top brands and partners all over the world!

Our Leadership

Evrard Havyarimana


In 2019, Evrard Havyarimana, with extensive experience in the banking and consulting sectors, founded Growth Supply. In 2022, he established Asking France and Canada, a digital subsidiary aimed at helping business leaders seize strategic opportunities offered by the rise of data. In 2023, he created the brand Growth Energy, which later became a subsidiary of Growth Supply dedicated to solar projects in Africa, with a focus on financing solar power plants for commercial and industrial purposes.

Laure Duhorane

Managing Director

With over ten years of expertise in project management and digital marketing, Laure brings an in-depth knowledge of project management tools to help teams make the most of their time and resources while achieving their goals. Her ability to think creatively and lead cross-functional teams makes her a valuable asset to Asking’s clients looking to drive results.

John Okoro

Director Growth Energy

With over a decade of experience spanning 20+ countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and 30+ countries worldwide, I’ve led clean energy projects with companies like Vergnet SA and CMR Group. Co-founding Growth Energy and serving as Co-Founder of Friends of Nigeria, I’m dedicated to advancing clean energy solutions and fostering international collaboration. Passionate about connecting people and ideas, I’m committed to driving Africa’s sustainable energy transition.

Isabelle Mauboussin

Chief Financial Officer

I am a Chief Accounting Officer with over 30 years of experience. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of transforming complex numbers into financial successes for my clients. I have led talented teams and improved accounting processes to ensure excellence and efficiency. I love taking on new challenges and finding innovative solutions to drive growth and performance. My goal is always to strive for excellence and actively contribute to the success of every project.
our commitment

The Collective Power

... Of Diversified Expertise

In an ever-changing technology industry, Asking’s main strength is its ability to attract and retain a diverse and global range of IT talent. This, coupled with our commitment to innovation, people-centered growth, sustainability and ethical leadership, propels Asking as a transformative partner. Our journey crosses continents, transcends boundaries and envisions a world where technology, driven by global minds, brings about profound and positive change.

Our recruitment strategy is designed to quickly identify and place the talents needed for your consulting missions. We bring together a team of multidisciplinary experts, with a particular focus on dynamic young talents. Their flexibility allows them to integrate easily and quickly into your teams, bringing fresh momentum and innovative perspective.

Want to join the team?

Join a community of passionate individuals who will support you in your career goals. Each of our collaborators is considered a business partner, essential to the growth of Asking and each of our clients.

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