Tech Recruitment: How to Attract Top Talent

The quest for talent in the technology field has become a significant challenge for many companies. With lengthening recruitment timelines and sometimes difficult retention, finding and keeping experienced profiles has become almost an impossible task. But how to confront this shortage and attract the rare gems in these increasingly crucial roles?

The demand for IT talents is particularly strong for positions such as freelance developers, data scientists, CTOs, DevOps engineers, and Cloud architects. However, it is especially in cybersecurity that the shortage is most critical, with France lagging behind in the training of these experts. With an estimated shortage of 10,000 graduates per year, according to an analysis by Numeum, it is crucial for companies to find solutions.

Four recruitment strategies to consider

While the health crisis has exacerbated the issue, the shortage of tech talent was already prevalent before 2019. Recruitment timelines now stretch to 3 to 6 months for these professions. To attract and retain these talents, here are four strategies to consider:

1. Enhance the employee experience: Offering an attractive work environment is essential. Candidates are becoming increasingly demanding, seeking the flexibility of remote work, a reduced workweek, generous social benefits, and a commitment to corporate social responsibility.

2. Rethink the ideal candidate profile: Instead of solely focusing on degrees and experience, companies should assess candidates’ real skills and growth potential. Technical tests and internal development opportunities are effective ways to identify talent.

3. Encourage referrals and rewards: Some companies offer attractive bonuses for candidate referrals and even provide substantial welcome bonuses for newly recruited employees.

4. Outsource resources: Outsourcing resources, whether through a digital services company or independent workers, can be a viable solution to meet talent needs. International recruitment can also expand the pool of available talent.

It is essential for companies to adapt to these new realities of the labor market and rethink their recruitment and retention strategies to attract the best talent in the technology field. 

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