Data management: 5 trends for 2023

As we look ahead to 2022, constantly improving data management remains a reliable way of dealing with growing economic and geopolitical uncertainty. Let’s take a look back at the five data trends that will set the pace in the new year.

An increase in the number of tools and improved integration will enable many businesses of all sectors and sizes to see the wisdom of deploying their data in the cloud.

“In 2023, everyone will need to be agile with their data, more than ever at the heart of business strategy.”

business strategy.”

The first trend: the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will continue. You only have to look at the momentum of investment in Data Science to realise that this is just the beginning, with solutions provided by giants like Amazon! Second trend: the growth of Data Warehouses will be a driving force, with access to powerful, scalable systems that do not require long-term investment. Third trend: data trust and governance will be necessary in the face of the growth and improvement of analysis and cataloguing tools. Trend four:

Continuous data will become essential to enable companies to react quickly to customer needs and market developments. The final trend is the gradual move away from permanent licences to SaaS offerings.

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